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Dialoguing at the Collectors Gun Show

DAN BELL (Inventor, CEO), “I got three very common questions at our first show...”


Thanks for everything...the target showed up and I can't wait for my Grand Nephew and I to have the time to start using it!! He's only 5 so we're starting him out with guns in the NERF category until he gets used to the idea and the gun safety rules. It works great and my wife even likes it!! lol TY again.

I went to your web site. I absolutely love the idea you came up with. It seems ...sometimes... that the simplest solutions are sometimes... the best.
Thx Mike

It is an awesome invention...simple...yet perfect to keep you from having to constantly keep setting those dang-gone cans up over n over.
Argh... What a pain in the camo!

This is the perfect gift for my son.
Kids love it. :)

A+++++++++ Great communication and thanks for the item by birthday date!!

Awesome seller. Fast shipping. Highly recommended. A pleasure to buy from.

Really well made .... Buy USA .... Thanks!

Thanks. Fast shipping. Great price.

Great buy. Easy communication. Will do business again. Thanks