American Shooting Systems - Just Add Cans

Shooting games and tips to make the most of your Tin Can Target

Set Up Tips

FIRST hang cans on hooks with the tabs, THEN apply labels* to cans to ensure labels face front of target.

*Target labels available for purchase online.

Set Up Options

Extend legs on the ground at different positions to raise/lower the cans or to compensate for uneven ground.

Position legs horizontally to lean against a structure, tree or stump.

Position legs vertically to hang from branch, nail, etc.

Target Options

Try filling the cans with any liquid (will also help stabilize cans), fill with some sort of powder or biodegradable paint for a more dramatic reaction when hit.

Shooting Games

Bulls-Eye (labels available online)

It is said that archers in old England would use the skull of a bull for target practice; the best shot being the "eye of the bull". The bulls-eye is the most traditional and accuracy motivated game. There are several variations for this game:

Numbers (labels available online)

This is a number sequence shooting game. You can set up the cans in numerical order or mix up the numbers. The numbers represent points and should be shot in numerical order. When one shooter has completed all his points, start round two with new labels.

You can score in rounds for points. The shooter who has the most points in a pre-designated number of rounds (ie: three rounds would total 24 points), wins the game.

Bunnies and Bambies (labels available online)